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Kevin Rudd

It’s another day in Canberra and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants the nation to know that he's got this economic crisis thing under control. “Well it’s very serious indeed and that is why we've released another massive stimulus package, yes Kevin Rudds massive stimulus package. Need I say more? Of course we had a stimulus package earlier on too as you may remember, and this included $1400 for pensioner couples, $1000 for full time carers, $1000 for certain people below a certain income, there is also an extra $7000 for the first home buyers grant and an extra $7000 on top of that if it was for a new home. So basically if you’re a pensioner who's a full time carer, you've got a couple of kids and you’ re building a brand new home. You’re rolling in it”.


Alex Manfrin, formerly of John How-Odd infamy has undergone hours and hours of arduous plastic surgery to perfect his Kev Rudd look. Recently he received the last of his hair transplants (you don't want to know where it was transplanted from) to give him a main of silver hair in the style of the PM.  Alex is now massive debt and needs to pay his medical bills ASAP! Book him now and take the strain off Medicare!


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