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Mick the De-motivational Speaker

Have you seen enough motivational speakers?

Well maybe it's time you experienced the phenomenon that's captivated audiences across the country: "Mick the De-motivational Speaker"!

Since his first presentation for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, "Mick" has been flown all over the country to entertain audiences and present his Seven Magic Steps for Suppressing Your Potential.

His clients include: Enron, Harris Scarfe, HIH, Ansett, One.Tel and certain sporting teams - you can probably work out which ones!

Mick's presentation includes such important messages as:

The Advantages of Being Mediocre

How to Blame Others and Avoid Responsibility, and Learn To Be Pessimistic!

In addition to Mick's tried and tested methods for sabotaging success, he offers an in-depth analysis of your company, department or industry, tailoring his presentation to your specific demotivational needs.

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