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The Four Kens

The Four Kens catches its audience by surprise by disguising the performers as ordinary people – in this case, council workers... ... well, that’s how they first appear. We’ve all seen council workers, either on the road holding a “Slow” and “Go” sign, or casually working in our neighbourhood. Normally we just don’t take much notice of them, but when they start doing synchronised movement and chanting, people start to wonder. Then, when they start Morris dancing and arguing over choreography, people start to laugh. Using normal council tools, uniforms and equipment, the Four Kens celebrate working class male humour in a way that’s not sexist or nasty, and all people can enjoy it.


The Actors:

The Four Kens are comprised of four of Perth’s most experienced comic actors: Giri Mazzella, Don Smith, Geoff Kelso and Sanjiva Margio. They can work either on the street or on the stage.

And the crowd keep laughing as The Four Kens sing, dance, argue, play instruments and hit each other with newspapers and rakes.

They also sing a heart-rending lament over a large, flattened, dead dog, which slowly transforms into a celebration of life and freedom.

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