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Aussie Bush Camp

If you are wanting to give your overseas clients a taste of Damper and want to show them a typical Aussie bush campsite, our Australian Bush Camp theme is perfect! Fire, swag and horse can be set up...

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Whip Cracker

One of Australias foremost whipmakers has designed a show that will amaze you with it's skill and dynamics. This is a fabulous show to introduce your overseas clients to some of the best Australian...

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Make all of your guests feel like a star! Why not have our phony paparazzi come along to your event; so that as they enter or mingle, your guests get the star treatment. A great mood enhancer, lots...

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Easter Promotions

The leaders in Perth Retail use Spirit Productions for their special events in peak periods of trade. Easter is a time of the year that Spirit Productions can help you with customer relations and...

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Super Heroes

Spirit Productions can supply you with quality performers, in character, for any of your corporate themes. Just ask and we will endeavour to have it available.

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Movie Stars

Spirit Productions can create the movie characters that you need for your event. Great for a Hollywood night with the stars. We can also supply you with 3 metre high 'Oscars' statues and associated...

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Movie Characters

Catwoman could could cause a stir at your next movie night theme. Robin and Batman have a tough time controlling this super feline and her whip! Ask us to develop and deliver character actors with a...

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Fortune Teller Kiara

Fortune teller - Kiara. Very entertaining and flamboyant! Her accent is from somewhere in eastern Europe, and her observations on life are poignant, funny, and sometimes accurate. Walk around...

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Cheeky Elf

This Cheeky Elf will delight your Christmas guests! A wonderful balloon bender, and an exceptional family entertainer, Cheeky Elf is perfect entertainment at your restaurant, Christmas BBQ, or...

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Team Glamour

Meet TEAM GLAMOUR � comprised of a trio of character actors and professional photographer providing a wacky stylist, technical director, and a world leading fashion photographer who create...

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ACP Crime Scene Team

Taking interactive photographic entertainment to the next level! Meet our Crime Scene Paparazzi team comprised of a trio of character actors and professional photographer providing everlasting...

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