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Disco Roller Girl

A fun bubbly entertainer whow ill skate her way around your function meeting and greeting your guest with copious amounts of energy and enthusiasm! Disco Roller Girl is dressed in sassy 1950's...

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A fun a energetic roving performer, perfect for Australiana themed events!  

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Frilled Neck Lizards

Crikey! It's a frill neck lizard. Fantastic dynamic performance for outdoor events and tourism functions.Lizards can perform on stilts OR can be placed in th bush to surprise your guests. The frill...

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The Admirals

Captain Hollandaise and Lieutenant Peppercorn are two seafaring navy admirals with thier navy boats around thier waists, visually it looks as if they are sailing around. These characters...

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Retro Sunbathers

A delightful performance of old style vauderville street side antics! These two hilarious performers will entertain any crowd in their old fashion bathing suits and deck chairs! With an energetic...

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These menace birds, are sure to entertian any crowd or audience with their roving comical style! They will falp their way around an event, entertaining onlookers with their curiousity in the people...

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English Bobbies

"You're Nicked!" These two crazy characters can add some humerous security to your event or festival. With authentic british polic uniforms and entertaining accents the English bobbies will have...

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Mr Broom Man

Sweeping, wiping, shining, dusting, mopping and brushing is his speciality and he does it with comedic finesse. He does this around, in and on the roaming audience. He is a silent character who plays...

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Darian Le Page - Mime

Darian Le page is a mime artist as well as a roving entertainer. He can perform as Charlie Chaplin, a Living Statue or a Jester at your event.   Darian’s has worked...

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Mr Hardy's Suitcase

Mr. Hardy is a vaudevillian style character. His performance is a continuous roll of improvisations punctuated with juggling and feats of physical skill. He will amaze and make you laugh.

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Golden Morphing Membranes

These fun creations are an interesting aspect to any event. Make your dreams come alive with an artistic vision into the future with these amazing morphing characters. Any guest will appreciate this...

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1950's Woller Wabbit

Bunnikins is a fabulous wabbit! She has pizzazz, charm, and a little bit of cheek... and a really big bum!The first fabulous, glamourous, guise Bunnikins brings is a 1950's Woller Wabbit Waitress....

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Bunnikins goes to Paris

'Bunnikins goes to Paris' is a fine collection of snaps. You would swear that you were viewing 18th century Parisian royalty. Parisian Bunnikins will amuse your guests with her hoity-toity ways and...

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1950's Wollar Wabbit Waitress

Bunnikins is a fabulous wabbit! She has pizzazz, charm, and a little bit of cheek... and a really big bum! In this glamorous, guise Bunnikins is a 1950's Woller Wabbit Waitress. Wheel fun times!...

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Wonderland White Wabbit

Wonderland White Wabbit… is on time! for your very important date! The Wonderland White Wabbit is available for ‘meeting and greeting’ your guests. The White Wabbit retells and reinterprets the...

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