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Indigenous Dancers

WADUMBAH is an Aboriginal group from Perth in Western Australia who perform for conferences, festivals, conventions etc, doing so with zest and confidence born of years of performing. Their acts...

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Capoeira Drumming and Dance

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian slave ritual that has been developing in Brazil since the 1500's when African slaves were first brought to South America. Unable to train fighting and oppressed in their...

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Alegrias Spanish Dance Ensemble

"Alegrias Spanish Dance Ensemble" is a self funded family group presenting full theatre productions and is regularly involved in community and cultural events throughout Perth and WA. An extention of...

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Roztiazhka Ukrainian Cossack Dancers

Roztiazhka Ukrainian Cossack Dancers is an independent dance company formed in 1991 Perth, Western Australia. Performing the genre of Ukrainian Cossack they have dazzled audiences around the world...

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